Flavell Lab

Dissecting cellular and circuit mechanisms that organize animal behaviors over seconds, minutes, and hours.


Action potentials and synaptic transmission occur over milliseconds, yet the brain generates behaviors that can last seconds to hours. How do neural circuits generate coherent behavioral outputs across a wide range of time scales? What are the neural mechanisms that allow circuits to generate long-lasting behavioral states? And how do physiological and sensory cues alter the outputs of the neural circuits that control these states?

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Because our lab is multi-disciplinary, we’re excited to recruit biologists with many different talents and interests. These include: molecular and cellular biology, systems neuroscience, microscopy, computational biology/neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, and neuroethology. In the Flavell lab, we have a commitment to mentoring and training lab members at all scientific stages. It’s our hope that each and every lab member will be able to do the science that excites them and receive the training necessary to become a top-caliber neuroscientist.