Flavell Lab on MIT News

Research from the Flavell lab has been featured in MIT News this week. Cracking the code that relates brain and behavior in a simple animal MIT researchers model and create an atlas for how neurons of the worm C. elegans encode its behaviors, make findings available on their “WormWideWeb.” Read more!

Faces of Cell

We are pleased to bring you the @CellCellPress paper of #FacesOfCell Eric Bueno, “Dissecting the functional organization of the C. elegans serotonergic system at whole-brain scale” — Cell (@CellCellPress) July 24, 2023

Flavell Lab Farewells

The Flavell lab has had to say a number of farewells this spring, as various lab members have headed off for the next stages of their careers. Here are a couple of group photos from one of the farewell gatherings. We wish all the best to Malvika Dua, Ni Ji, Sarah Pugliese, Jungyeon Park, and […]

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